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Ancon Protocol v0.2.0
Ancon Protocol (formerly known as XDV) is a Cosmos SDK chain which uses Evmos EVM module, Ancon module and supports natively IPLD dag-cbor stored metadata.
The use cases and features are first and foremost focused on data economy use cases and scenarios, where the top one is NFT Metadata.
With Ancon Protocol, you get the best of both worlds, offchain with IPLD and onchain with Tendermint/Cosmos.
  • Onchain Metadata
  • DID NFT Metadata Ownership
    • Cosmos to any EVM Crossmint
    • EVM to Cosmos
    • Cosmos to Flow
  • DID Web and DID Key
  • Graphsync router for offchain/onchain data queries using IPLD traversal/walker.
Use Cases
  • NFT Voucher
  • NFT Distribution
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Invoice Lending/Factoring
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Legal Tech Contracts
  • Authenticity, Digital Media Provenance and Anti-Forgery


  • RPC:
  • EVM:
  • API:


Copyright Industrias de Firmas Electronicas, 2020-2021. Open source code MIT licensed. Made in Panama.
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